Trophy Tour visits Bridgetown VEC and Wexford County Council

Last week the Leinster Rugby Treble Trophy Tour rolled into Bridgetown VEC with Darragh McGinley of Leinster Rugby and C.C.R.O. Noel Ferguson. They were overwhelming received by both pupils and teachers in this very enthusiastic rugby college. The school has had three Leinster Youth Representatives past and present with John Turner, Ciaran Sutterland and currently Greg McGrath, helping the Leinster cause.

The boys and girls had a great time involving individual and group photographs with the trophies. Large numbers of pupils witnessed Leinster win these valuable showpieces and it was great to have them in the south east school prior to spring break. There was alos time for a questions and answers session with the pupils about all things Leinster Rugby.

After Bridgetown VEC the trophies were transported to Wexford Co.Council’s County Hall. As we know Leinster Rugby and Wexford Co.Council are engaged in a partnership for the benefit of the rugby community. The trophies spent the day on display in the Council building where large numbers of employees, visitors, and members of the public enjoyed the trophy display.