Following a run of disappointing results, now, more than ever, the Leinster team need the supporters to come out and make the difference tonight as they take on a fired-up Munster team…

A record breaking 50,000 supporters will be in place to witness what will be the largest attended Magners League match to date, adding to the pressure facing both teams. Leinster will want to reverse their run of poor form and the table topping Munster will be desperate to halt Leinster’s run of four successive victories in this most intense of rivalries. Make no mistake; this is going to be intense.

The atmosphere at these games always seems to have a part to play in the outcome and the blue corner will need to come out swinging. It goes without saying, but supporters will need to get behind the team from the off, upping the ante in the battle of the 16th men.

Get into the stadium early to take in the pre-match build up, wear your bluest jersey, bring your flags (RDS issued Leinster flags with the hollow plastic flag poles have been cleared by the Aviva Stadium), be seen, and, most importantly, be heard!

The team has stressed the uplifting effect that the 16th man can have in a tough match and they won’t come much tougher than this. No team or supporters have the right to win, you have to go out there and earn it. There will only be one opportunity for Leinster to host its first ever game in this stadium and we will all want to know we gave it everything we had – players and supporters alike.

Let’s go out there and earn it.