In March, Tag Rugby was brought to Urlingford Mixed National School, Kilkenny for the 3rd year in a row by Kilkenny’s Club Community Rugby Officer Barry Daly…

He has seen a marked improvement in the skill level and understanding of the 6th class pupils.

For the 6th class this is their 3rd year. By the end of this 6 week course the 6th class pupils would have done a total of 18 weeks of Tag Rugby. There is a noticeable improvement in skill, communication and confidence of the kids”.

Principle, Dermot Dunphy was full of praise of the Leinster Rugby run program, “Our children love Tag Rugby Day. They have great fun running drills and playing games, all the while learning skills, teamwork and discipline. The coaching they receive is super!”

A Tag Rugby Blitz with near neighbours, Johnstown National School and Crosspatrick National School will be held at the end of March. The teams for the day will be made up by the teachers involved and all teams will include players from each of the schools. Here’s hoping the weather will be on our side for the day.

Barry would like to thank John Curran, Clair Phelan, Dermot Dunphy and Denis Doheny for their continued support.