Many tears fell around Wexford in early December when as a result of the snowfalls, Santa postponed his visit to Park Lane for the Christmas party as he knew the roads were too dangerous for all his young supporters to travel to the club…

On hearing that training was back on track last weekend he forwarded his apologies that he could not attend the party due to him coming down with swine flu. Rather than see all the mini and youth sections of the club disappointed again, the Wexford Ladies stepped in to save the day!

They contacted their team mascot Vicky Vixen who was only too willing to drop down to the club and join in some games with the children. The ladies team were also on hand to join in the fun once they had distributed selection boxes to all the children in attendance and of course providing tea and coffee for the parents.

Great enjoyment was had by all and an extra big thank you goes out to the ladies team for making the day happen. We would also like to wish a speedy recovery to Santa!