Leinster Rugby, in conjunction with the Evening Herald, would like to invite nominations for the Leinster Rugby / Evening Herald Volunteer of the Month…

The person nominated should be an individual within your club / school who has contributed hugely to the ongoing enjoyment of rugby on and off the field.

There is at least one – if not many more – within every rugby club/school and we in Leinster Rugby would like to recognise the continued dedication of our volunteers.

Please contain within your nomination:

· Name of nominator

· Your Club/ School

· Name of Volunteer

· Reason for nomination

· Picture of volunteer

· Contact details of volunteer

Nominations should be sent to and received no later than the 10th of each month.

Declan Fassbender
Leinster Rugby,
55 Main Street,
Dublin 4


E-mail: declan.fassbender@leinsterrugby.ie