Wanderers FC recently organised a fitness workshop for the local community which was organised chiefly by Ian Grogan…

The local rugby community were invited and coaches, parents and teachers attended the event.

The Workshop was presented by Des Ryan (IRFU Fitness Education Manager) and over 40 Coaches working with Young Children in their respective Schools and Clubs attended this very beneficial event. The event was run in conjunction with a site visit for a coach who had completed the IRFU CCC Course.

The workshop focused on assessing and developing fundamental movement skills in young children at stage 1 and 2 of the LTPD (Long Term Player Development Pathway). It was based on the newly updated fitness and conditioning content in the Mini and Foundation Coaching Courses.

The workshop focused on Physical Activity and Movement Skill Development in Children aged from birth to 14 years and investigated their Physical Activity levels, windows of Opportunity, PHV and Fundamental Movement Skills. The workshop was both practical and theory based.

The club would like to thank Ian Grogan for organising the event and Wanderers FC for the use of the venue and for successfully getting the information out to the schools and clubs which resulted in the huge numbers attending.