Last weekend saw Leinster Division 3 team Wexford Vixens undertake their first international game…

Unbeknownst to the Vixens prior to the arrival of the visiting team, “La unica” the Spanish team are one of the top teams in their Division 1 league.

Though most of Friday was spent travelling from their home place of Palma Nova, fatigue was not an obvious factor for this well experienced side, on Saturday.

On organisation it was suggested that the fixture would be one to ease the Wexford ladies into their season, however it ended up so much more. The Vixens were required to up their game following La Unica running in their first try within the first ten minutes of the game. Fortunately for the Wexford girls, the wind had risen in time for the Spanish conversion and so duly went wide. This was the shake up the Wexford side needed.

The Vixens efforts were rewarded accordingly with Maire Busher making a break from play at the half-way line and providing a clean offload to supporting player Shenda Moran. Shenda broke two tackles and hammered over the line to equalise the score line before half-time.

Although the second half saw the Vixens put up a strong attacking front, they failed to have their efforts rewarded. However the Wexford girls went about doing what they do best in putting up a solid defensive line sending the Spanish ladies backwards after each scoring attempt.

Having original apprehension regarding this fixture, the Wexford girls put up a united front under the strong captaincy of Babs Hamilton, coming away with a 5-5 draw. Taking division level into consideration the Wexford girls were pleased with their performance.

Differences left on the pitch, both teams socialised together well into the early hours of Sunday morning and arrangements are currently underway for the Wexford girls to visit the Spanish side at home.