The following is a list of essential information for supporters attending Leinster Rugby games to be aware of in advance of arriving to the RDS Arena.

As there are no Season Ticket cards this season, all tickets will be available digitally. Log in to your Season Ticket account to access your tickets.

How to view your mobile ticket

How to transfer tickets

How to download your ticket as a PDF

As part of the process of purchasing your tickets, you will have seen an ‘Accept and Continue’ box with the following information:

  • In accordance with guidelines, only ticket holders who are Immune/have Immunity (i.e. fully vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19 within the previous six months or accompanied minors under the age of 18) are permitted access to the stadium
  • You acknowledge that there may be a need to disclose your vaccination status to gain access to the match
  • The event operator has the right to check your vaccination certificate and photo ID prior to be given access to the match
  • This does not apply to U-18s

RDS Arena Ground Regulations


You have announced 75 per cent capacity now, when will it be 100%?

According to government guidelines outdoor events can now move to 75 per cent capacity, without social distancing, once all attendees who are designated immune and adhere to all protocols.

If and when the government lift remaining restrictions as planned on 22 October we will consider increasing capacity at that time in line with government guidelines.

How do I know if I can attend?

In line with government guidelines for the return of supporters to stadia at 75 per cent capacity, all tickets will be available to immune supporters.

An immune supporter is a person designated by government as fully vaccinated, or recovered from Covid-19 within the previous six months, or attending the game as an accompanied minor (U-18).

Can I move to a different stand?
Yes, if upon taking your seat and then do not feel comfortable in close proximity to others, please feel free to move to the North or South Stand where seating is unreserved and space will be available.